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Golden Temple

Sripuram Narayani Amman temple is built under the hills of Thirumalaikodi, Vellore. The temple was built in 2007 and constructed within 7years by the charitable trust called Sri Narayani Peedam. The uniqueness of the temple is, it is fully covered by real gold foil with beautiful sculptures and pillars. The temple is surrounded by water on all sides and visitors can enter the temple by a star-shaped passage.

It was built in a 100 acre area which also consists of more than 10,000 different species of plants. Visiting the temple surely will give you an awesome experience. Our Grand Ganpat is just 6.4kms from the temple so it’s more convenient to visit the temple.


Amirthi Forest

It is a 25 hectares of forest area with several waterfalls and different flora and fauna inside it. It also has a zoological park and wildlife sanctuary inside it. The forest is suitable for trekking, on the way you can find spotted deers, red headed parrots, love birds, wild cats, eagles, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, and pythons etc. The forest is a perfect picnic spot with family and friends. Our Grand Ganpat is about 23kms from Amirthi Forest.


Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri is the trekking point in Vellore city, which is also known as “The Poor Man’s Ooty” Yelagiri Hills is a small hill station in vellore district which is 920meters high from the sea level. It is just a few hours drive away from Chennai and Bangalore, a good destination for a weekend break. You can find many entertainments in the hills like Jalagamparai Falls, Velavan temple, Nature park Punganur Lake, Herbal Farm etc,.

People who like to go trekking, boating, Climbing mountains will find it entertaining. You can also shop for herbal and medicinal products there. It takes about 2hrs drive from Vellore to Yelagiri Hills.


Jalagandeeswarar Temple

Jalagandeeswarar temple is a famous Lord Shiva temple in the vellore district, situated inside the Vellore Fort. Built in 1550 AD by Chinna Bommi Nayaka, with ancient archaeological culture of the Vijayanagara dynasty, the temple has a long history. The temple has beautiful sculptures and has many stunning stone carvings. The temple is very near to the Vellore bus stand so you can get transport easily. The temple is just 2.9kms away from Grand Ganpat.


Vellore Fort

A historical pride of Vellore is the Vellore fort, which was built during the 16th century by Chinna Bomma Nayaka and Thimma Reddy Nayaka, the chieftains under the Vijayanagara Empire. The temple was built with perfect ancient time military facilities full of Granite rocks. The fort is surrounded by a big moat filled with water, once it was filled with crocodiles. The fort also consists of Lord Shiva temple, a mosque and a church. It is just 2.5kms distance from Grand Ganpat.


Jamunamarathur Hills

Jamunamarathur hills is also called Javaathu Hills It is just 60kms outer to vellore, out of which 40kms is dense forest. You can find many wild animals, medicinal plants throughout the journey. Your journey will have many hairpin bends. Bhiman falls are beautiful natural falls that you can reach by trekking about 1km from there. The falls gives you a refreshing feel with the aroma of herbal plants. The Kavalur observatory, TamilNadu’s biggest observatory, is made of 100 acres of Forest land also situated in Javad hills. The temperature of the hill station is moderate in summer and cool in winter. It will be the perfect week off location during summer for the city people.


Arunachaleswarar Temple

A famous Lord Shiva temple which attracts tourists around the world with its beauty and elegance. The temple is one of the Panchabhuta Sthalams of Lord Shiva and the Lingam is considered to be Agni Lingam, symbolising Fire. The temple is 25 acre of large area with many scultptures, halls,1000 pillared halls. The gopuram is one of the tallest towers in India which is 66meters high. Devotees from all over the world visit daily and during full moon day for Girivalam to worship the Tiruvannamalai mountain. The mountain itself is considered to be Lord Shiva and is surrounded by many Shiva temples under its foot. Tiruvannamalai is about 2hrs travel from vellore.


Palamathi Hill

Palamathi Hills is a small hill region belonging to Eastern Ghats, under Vellore district. The hill region is fully covered with greenery plants, native birds and a Lord Murugan temple at the top. The hills are best for a one day trip as a divine trip and for trekking. The Palamathi hills are about 10kms away from the center of the vellore city.


Mordhana Dam

Mordhana dam is situated in Gudiyatham, Vellore District. The dam is constructed between two hills surrounded by forests. The water reservoir provides a scenic view on monsoon days. The dam is an opt-for-one-day family picnic spot. Gudiyatham is 31kms from Vellore.


Jalagamparai Falls

Jalagamparai falls is situated in Vellore District. The falls are surrounded by forests with herbal plants which give a pleasant aroma. One may choose the path by road or by trekking to reach the falls. The falls can be best enjoyed during the monsoon. The roadway to the falls gives an amazing view and peaceful mind. The falls are about 2hrs travel from Vellore.


Archeological Museum

The archeological museum in Vellore has located nearby the Vellore fort just within a walkable distance. The museum consists of ancient sculptures, artifacts, and coins. People having an interest in knowing ancient India can visit the museum without any doubt. The stone carvings are also interesting factors in the museum. The museum is inside the Vellore fort premise and at a walkable distance from the Vellore bus stand.

Christain Medical College

The Christain medical college (CMC Hospital) is situated in vellore. It is just 2.7 kilometers from Grand Ganpat. It is one of the most famous hospital in the world. Most foreigners come here for their treatment as well as studies. CMC is performing its first reconstructive surgery for Leprosy, open heart surgery, kidney transplantation, bone marrow transplantation in India. Our Grand Ganpat is most comfortable for your stay for your plan.


Vellore Institute of Technology

VIT Deemed University is one of the Renowned universities in the World located in Vellore city and it has been ranked as the best university. The Vellore Institute of Technology is 10.6 kilometers from Grand Ganpat. We can travel  27 minutes from the Hotel. Most of the foreigners choose this university for their career and studies. Our Grand Ganpat is most luxurious and comfortable for your stay.